Consignment Guidelines

Underground Trends accepts items form individual & business consignors, provided that items meet our established criteria. We strive to consign only high-quality, and in-demand brand name clothing for men and women. Home décor, collectible items, jewellery, scarves, hats and other accessories are popular with our buyers. Books also form part of our inventory and we only accept current titles/authors, no tears, dust or damage.

We do not accept any items that carry company logos, holiday souvenirs, or that promote events (either past or upcoming).


Why Consign with us?

Selling items privately can be a lengthy process. At underground Trends your items will be professionally merchandised in a spacious environment (4000 sqft) where they will be showcased to their fullest potential. You won't have to worry about how their priced or advertising your sale - we'll handle all of that for you. You don't require an appointment. See below for the consignment drop off times/days. Please make sure all items are in as close to perfect condition as possible.

Consignment Drop-off Time/Day

 We will NOT be accepting December and January 

Please Call 306.244.4480  To bring in Consignment. Limit to Seasonal, and 1 bag MAX. 

No Consignments on Saturday. - Please call ahead if you are from out of town and need to use this day

We will try to go through your items on the spot. It normally takes around 10-30 mins. Existing consigners will require dropping off no less than 5-10 items. New consignors will need to bring at least 15 to 20 items (or value at least $500) in order to open an account.

Let's get started.

Turn any other home décor, clothing, accessories, etc. sitting in your closet into something new or some cash.

1. Please insure your items are freshly laundered, and clean with no damage and gently used.  Clothing must be ironed or folded in a bag or box.
2. In order to open an account, new consignors will need to bring at least 15 to 20 items (or value at least $500).  Existing consignors must bring in at least 5-10 items (or $200 worth of items) each time.
3. New consignors will be issued a code to identify their account.
4. Items will kept on the floor for 3 months, any unsold items will be donated after the contract expires (3 month-contract) Most of expensive or special items might be kept a little bit longer and the price will be reduced for sale (this is at discretion of Underground Trends)
5. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and reserve the right to refuse any or all items brought in.
6. Monies or cheques will be available for pick up after the three month selling period and no later than 120 days from the date of the expiration of your contract or consignors may use their credit towards purchase at anytime.
7. For more details, please see our contract.

Seasonal Intake Schedule


Spring: January to March
Summer: April to June
Fall: July to September
Winter: October to December



Get our Consigner Contract


Underground Trends is moving to an automated accounting program. Due to this change, effective November 1, 2017, two new policies have come into effect to properly handle the conversion: 


payouts must be picked up 3 months after the contract expiration date. Accounts that have monies unclaimed up to 90 days after the contract expires will be cleared and closed.
All consignor accounts must be re-activated and entered into the new system. Effective November 1, 2017, consignors who have consigned with Underground Trends greater than 6 months ago, must re-activate and collect their payouts by December 1, 2017 or those accounts will be closed and funds will be forfeited.


It will take some time and work to convert accounts to the new program.
We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we undergo this process